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Save those feathers!

Turkey Tip: Tagging Late-Season Toms That Travel in Pairs

**** YOUR QUARRY: Dos Amigos Psychological Profile:** Neither of these buddy birds does anything without the other; they are a pair, for sure, and maybe a couple. It's not entirely clear why they pal around. Such an alliance clearly has practical advantages, including strength of numbers in a fight (or avoiding one) and two sets of eyes and ears to detect danger. The fact that they seem to show little romantic interest in hens, however, may suggest a different kind of partnership. In any…

Wild Turkey and Deer..lunch and dinner? :)

The Mare's Tales - Gypsy Mare Studios

The Mare's Tales ~ Gypsy Mare Studios ~ Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Turkey Hunt

2012 Turkey Season Forecast

The Magnolia State is blessed with some of the finest turkey hunting to be found anywhere in North America. But before you can draw a bead and seal the deal on a longbeard, you must first identify the areas that offer up the best opportunities for success. Here is what the state’s top turkey biologists are predicting for the 2012 spring turkey season.

Wild Turkey

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Flock of Wild Turkey ⓒ Michaela Medina - thegardenerseden.com

Attracting, Supporting & Observing Wildlife in the Late Autumn Landscape The Gardener's Eden

We see so many of these this time of year, gleaning in the fields. More about wild turkeys @OrganicGardening

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Wild Turkey

Wayfarers & Whiskey

"You can get all A's and still flunk life." - Walker Percy

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I am a fan of turkeys. They are sort of ugly but they are beautiful too in their own way. Last week I watch the documentary "My Life as Tu...