Gray Keys

▶ Gray Keys on Vimeo Visual : Carlo Vega / audio : Chilly Gonzales

THE GAP by Ira Glass on Vimeo

There's some good typography there but mostly I just love the words of Ira Glass. THE GAP by Ira Glass. I think it was at springtime when I came across David Shiyang Lius lovely piece of work about Ira Glass.

The ABC of Architects on Vimeo

This work is an alphabetical list of the most important architects with their best known building. Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez Art Direction: Federico Gonzalez Music: The Butterfly from Eugene C.Rose and George Ruble

Soleil Noir 2012 | We believe in...

In 2012 if you don't believe you won't make it happen! - Happy New Year from the Soleil Noir team!

FITC Amsterdam 2013 titles.

For FITC Amsterdam we created these titles based on the creative designed by mr Bradley G Munkowitz (aka GMUNK) Since Bradley was already working on the creative for the print campaign of FITC Amsterdam

Andy Gilmore Artworks

Andy Gilmore Artworks


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