User Interface Interactions & Animations #UI


Interactions — Displays motion without all the content being available yet


UI Animation experiment #1

GIF for the Boat Station

GIF for the Boat Station by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Manufactory

Concept for an iOS menu animation. The menu title changes depending on which screen you're on. The first screen you enter the app on will say MENU to provide a cue as to what the button is.

iOS Menu Concept

Another banking application on which we worked at Zengularity during several weeks with Renaud Bressand and Gwenaëlle Georget.

Banking app timeline

Apply - Swipe Applicants

Apply - Swipe Applicants

Together with Roan Vlutters I am working on Apply: An app to easily find a potential job match, based on information from LinkedIn. This is the basic swipe animation for recruiters to flip through.

Hi Guys,  Here's another screen from the Tooptoop 2.0 project.  This will appear right after you're done with the walktrough screens and it will ask you to go trough a small selection of events(pic...

Events deck animation


Expanding product gallery

An interaction concept of a product details screen in a retail app. by Ivan Bjelajac

Search UI Animation

Search UI Animation

Cardsaround iOS App Animation by Eleken

Cardsaround iOS App Animation

Very intuitive mobile interface and very responsive. Love the menus and the greyed out background so you know you can go easily back.

This is another quick animation showing the upcomming off-season app for iPhone, working on the iOS7 version so stay tuned for more pics in the future. Real pixels:

Product detail and shopping cart

Картинки по запросу lean and clean shopping app design