How to Build A Nuclear Submarine (Full)

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아이오와급 전함 :: 네이버캐스트

June The USS Missouri, the last battleship built by the United States Navy and the future site of the surrender of the Empire of Japan to end World War II, is commissioned.

야마토급 전함 :: 네이버캐스트

OCT 23 1944 US submarines narrowly miss the battleship Yamato Japanese battleship Yamato under construction at the Kure Naval Base, Japan, September The aircraft carrier Hosho is at the extreme right. The supply ship Mamiya is in the center distance.

독도함(아시아 최대의 상륙함) :: 네이버캐스트

독도함(아시아 최대의 상륙함) :: 네이버캐스트

윤영하급 미사일 고속함 :: 네이버캐스트

윤영하급 미사일 고속함 :: 네이버캐스트

충무공이순신급 구축함 :: 네이버캐스트

ROKS Sejong the Great also known as KD-III, are three guided missile destroyers of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).

랴오닝호 (중국의 첫 항공모함) :: 네이버캐스트

China's first aircraft carrier (refurbished Russian Varyag) Liaoning returning to port in Quingdao after training cruise.

Seawolf-Class Submarine - Super Structures of the World - TCL Documentary

The Seawolf-class attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN is underway in the Pacific Ocean.