The Gat is a type of Korean traditional hat worn by men during the Joseon Dynasty. It is made from horsehair, with a bamboo frame, and is partly transparent in black color. Married and middle class men could wear the gat, which represented their social status and protected their topknots (sangtu, 상투). The black gat (heungnip, 黑笠, 흑립) were restricted to men who had passed the Gwageo examination.

Arang and the Magistrate - Yeon Woo Jin as Joo Wal,(Second Lead Syndrom wanna-be but why can't I stop feeling sorry for him?

Movie 'Tailors' release teaser footage + character posters |

Movie 'Tailors' release teaser footage + character posters

Korean male and female hanbok

male and female hanbok . I saw their KD, isn't that Kim Tae Hee ( Rain's GF)?