OPTION http://www.prefabhomeparts.com/howtoselectanentrydoor.php has a guide on how to properly select an entry door for a residence.

Kedem Single winged door breaks the laws, and the art in the mosaic of the wooden boards brought about a leading door in the Reshafim art category. The Kedem door is, without a doubt, a typical bohemian door.

Tienda de alto prestigio, el diseño es muy modernalista, se puede apreciar grandes ventanales a derecha e izquierda mostrando el total completo del interior de la tienda. Mario Bellido

In the heart of Budapest, the Vass shoes minimalism showroom. Visit Vass shoes in Budapest (HU).

saint espresso #angel #n1

The search for cracking coffee, brilliant burgers and marvellous movies in London and on my travels further afield.

If we assume that the food is as thoughtfully prepared as the interior, then the tacos must be something pretty delicious. Manifesto Futura describe the project as a difficult one, but their perseverance certainly paid off...

Design studio Manifiesto Futura created the naming, identity and interior design for Canalla, a Mexican taco restaurant in San Pedro, Mexico.

The Use of Glass Doors: 171 Modern Style Inspirations https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/4733-glass-door-designs.html Check more at https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/4733-glass-door-designs.html

Like the black framed glass doors. And like the way the view looks against the natural rock. The Eden Companies Windows & Doors

céline boutique | 16 rue de grenelle, paris

The Celine boutique at Rue de Grenelle opened in 2011 offering a store space of 200 square meters. Information on Celine store at Rue de Grenelle in Paris.


Buratti+Battiston Architects - Project - Industrial building Lamiflex Composites - LOVE this!