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Quantum HUD Infographic


pixel_art_tutorial___textures_by_kiwinuptuo- Pixel Art, pixel art tutorial art…


The Rocketeer comic series by the late Dave Stevens. As well as my FAVORITE movie as a kid and to this day.

Route Map Tutorial

I chose to pin this because it gives a good example to make poke-mon like level and how i could use that for my tile-set i make



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use gaming mice to dominate mmorpg - all gaming mice are essentially needed to keep your enemies at bay!


here we will show the best games to get ready for when i want a good game to play!

Inside the Wild UI Design of Guardians of the Galaxy

Inside the Wild UI Design of Guardians of the Galaxy

Fantasy Mobile UI - http://evilsystem.eu/assetstore/

Fantasy Mobile UI - Designed for the needs of mobile game developers, this interface is vector and all the elements can me scaled up, depending on the deve