Isometric worlds on Behance

We always enjoy working on detailed isometric designs. So we were very pleased when a Dutch webhosting company asked us to make a big set of isometric illustrations.

Paper Sculpture by James Seet, via Behance

Malaysian designer and paper sculpture James Seet drew on his love for detailed paper art in this beautiful print advertising campaign for C… USB PEN Plug in. Watch away.

Brands Who've Nailed The Animated Email — Style-Architects

Brands Who've Nailed The Animated Email

Brands are constantly fighting to get our attention, and even more importantly. What separates the emails worth a read from the ones that get booted straight to the junk folder where bad emails go to die? Subject line, timing, design and

40 years: Charles de Gaulle Airport by Vincent Mahé, via Behance

Others dsgn-me: 40 years: Charles de Gaulle Airport (by Vincent Mahé) Cover for the Paris Airport corporate journal celebrating anniversary of its construction.

위키트리 │20대에 얻는 20가지 '깨달음'

Find short stories on many subjects, topics and themes on "Short Story Guide", with summaries and links.

Final product image

How to Create a "Website Under Construction" Illustration by Andrei Stefan, Today we have something really special in store for you, since we’re going to show you how easy it is to create your own "Website Under Construction".