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The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.

“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

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Eat Real Fest, Oakland

Eat Real Festival combines a state fair, a street-food festival, and a block party to create a celebration of good food. At the Eat Real Festival, .

Some days I need to remember this...

There will be so many times you feel like you've failed, but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are Super Mom! - Mother's Day Quotes----I need to remember this

Travel Summary by Piotr Kwiatkowski

A simple (work in progress) concept for the travel summary template. Any feedback is more than welcome.

Tumblr_m9s7g2rwxn1qzwuhxo1_1280.jpg 680×453 Pixels  -  Buamai, Where Inspiration Starts.

‘I Feel Good Today’ bicycle wall art/sculpture at Erste Liebe Bar in Hamburg by Niels Bruschke of Santiago Design.


You don't need a reason to help people. So true. People ask me why I help people even if they have hurt me. But I believe that every one is a human being and should be helped when needed

Dear Typography

Latest And Brillant Typography Designs - NaughtyDesigner (I want this as a print in my future home office!