3d print lampshade designed by studioluminaire.com

This lampshade design would be considerably harder without the use of a printer. What an intricate design!

Alice in Wonderland cookie cutter 3D printed by Printmeneer

White rabbit Alice in Wonderland cookie cutter by Printmeneer, ~ Perfect addition to any Mad Hatter get together!

Flexible 3D print

Elasto Plastic: Shapeways has introduced a new material designed to add a little flex to creations. They stress that the material is still experimental but we’re loving the potential to produce more elastic objects.

3D printed jewelry

Best Style + Fashion Posts of 2013

The Best Printed Jewelry - Design Milk San Francisco-based Fathom & Form Jewelry uses a combination of techniques, including printing, to create their architecture inspired line of geometric jewelry.

Tutorial for 3D printing from a Cinema 4D file.

Intro to printing with Cinema and Makerbot. printing has become more and more popular these days. Thanks to companies like Makerbo.

C4D + Photoshop

Learn how to recreate a typographic effect using Cinema and Photoshop.

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