3d print lampshade designed by studioluminaire.com

This lampshade design would be considerably harder without the use of a printer. What an intricate design!

Alice in Wonderland cookie cutter 3D printed by Printmeneer

White rabbit Alice in Wonderland cookie cutter by Printmeneer, ~ Perfect addition to any Mad Hatter get together!

Flexible 3D print

Elasto Plastic: Shapeways has introduced a new material designed to add a little flex to creations. They stress that the material is still experimental but we’re loving the potential to produce more elastic objects.

Artist Takanori Aiba (the bonsai tree house guy) is interviewed at My Modern Met. Click through to see his other work and hear what he has to say. This work is called "Ice Cream Packages Tower.

3D printed jewelry

Best Style + Fashion Posts of 2013

The Best Printed Jewelry - Design Milk San Francisco-based Fathom & Form Jewelry uses a combination of techniques, including printing, to create their architecture inspired line of geometric jewelry.

Tutorial for 3D printing from a Cinema 4D file.

printing has become more and more popular these days. Thanks to companies like Makerbot you can purchase your own printer small enough to fit on your desk.

C4D + Photoshop

25 Amazing Tutorials Integrating Photoshop With Cinema