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15+ Crafts for Kids that Really Fly - Buggy and Buddy

Here’s all kinds of fun crafts for kids to make that really fly! You can turn these crafts into STEM activities by challenging children to make modifications in order to adjust the speed, direction, or distance of their homemade toys. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board! Crafts are fun to make, but […]



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Pet Portraits- Bold Marker Prints - The Kitchen Table Classroom

These pet portraits for kids use a fun and easy printmaking technique that make it easy to get great results- easy printmaking for kids!

10 Painting Hacks Every Artist Should Know.

These are perfect for beginner artists looking for some tips to get them started. If you have any painting hacks of your own, please share them.


Abs & Core🔥

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ABS PART I 🔥 - Hetty J.

ABS PART I 🔥 . 1️⃣ Ball pass crunches 3×15 2️⃣ Full body crunch 3×20 3️⃣ Oblique crunch variation 3×20 each side 4️⃣ Reverse crunch hold 3×15 . _____________________________________ #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation

Easy DIY toy idea: Make Zappy Zoomers and watch them fly!

How to Make a Simple DIY Flying Toy - Babble Dabble Do

Easy DIY Flying Toy idea: Make Zippy Zoomers and watch them fly!