wayfinding symbols in a hotel that match their branding

Pictogram - a graphic symbol that represents a specific object. Some icons are well-designed

Wonderful website

La Muffineria is a new cafeteria - wine bar in Rome, Italy.It features more than 30 hand made muffins types, both sweet and salted. The website, bookmark and businesscard were designed for its launch in November A whole set of food icons has been d…

BenQ - Siemens Phone & GUI concept from 2008

BenQ - Siemens Phone & GUI concept from 2008 Sometimes good design does not…


Choose a taste-mix

An experimental idea of an interface that allows you to choose your preferred taste-mix and order a surprise-meal.

Cleaner Switches by Dale Humphries

Cleaner Switches

Check out Cleaner Switches by Dale Humphries by Joacim Nilsson ( Wells) on CodePen and the Dribbble shot that inspired it.

// Camera Remote

weandthecolor: Amazing User Interface Design A design concept by Jeremey Fleischer from Colorado Springs, CO, USA. The idea behind this design concept is that the app works as a Bluetooth-controlled remote that interacts with Canon DSLR cameras.

UI | #musicplayer

The Shuffle and Repeat buttons are hard to tap. The two spinners may also interfere with each other.


A little dark but love the individual character boxes and the indicator.

Tracking your time on the road with Miles on iPhone shows the actual mileage in a vintage styled dashboard along with the current date. http://www.milesapp.at

Week 1 - Robert Crane Miles The Classic Mileage Log iPhone App by FFWD (via Creattica)

40+ Free Web UI & Mobile UI Kits for Designers

Creatorica Yellowstone UI by Rodolfo Biglié, via Behance -- We're loving these bright yet sophisticated UI elements.