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Nuclear Hotseat NIRS’ Mary Olsen on “Atomic Eggs,” Increased Female Vulnerability to Radiation

Calcarovula longirostrata (Sowerby I, 1828)  -  C.Chen

Chong Chen Calcarovula longirostrata (Sowerby I, OVULIDAE Aliguay Island, Philippines. The "Long-Snouted Volva" is an elegant ovulid with extremely elongated extremities. A very widely distributed species ranging from Japan to South Africa

Mother Of Pearl...

'Mother of Pearl' shell illustrates the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical sequence discovered in the century. A pattern appears in nature over and over again to the curve of a wave, the spiral of a sea-shell, segments of a pineapple.

Scallop Shells

Still experimenting with Snapseed to see if it fits within my toolbox. I like some of the Vintage and Grunge textures,

Ammonite by Tommaso Iadicicco -   UnusualFocus, via Flickr

Ammonites went extinct with Dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Ammonites survived until the end of the Cretaceous period in a sea that covered what is now Alberta. Canada and Montana, USA. These ammonites were transformed into the rare gem known as Ammolite.