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Full Moon in Singapore! Photography by @dotzsoh

The moon symbolizes many repeating elements in this play. They speak a lot about when the moon is out, time goes by quicker and it's the best time to go over your thoughts. Many characters have to make big decisions before the new moon.

좋아요 237개, 댓글 4개 - Instagram의 KUSH GRAPHIC(@kushgraphic)님: "Pink moon  #그라폴리오 #일러스트 #앨범아트 #앨범자켓 #아트워크 #달  #아트 #그래픽디자인 #몽환 #디자인 #앨범커버 #아트웤 #맞팔 #오오티디 #소통 #데일리…"

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go sailing on an old ship, pirate-style

Pirates of the Caribbean - HMS Interceptor makes way under a Full Moon. however, really this is my ship, Lady Washington, who played the Interceptor.

Every day we walk through a galaxy of emotions.

This piece is a-symmetrical. But if the galaxy was positioned more centered it would be almost symmetrical; nonetheless, there is nice balance between left and right. The galaxy also feels enormous because of the silhouette of the man in the foreground.