Nice on/off button

Drill: On

This is a pretty creative ui element, it’s definitely not your ordinary white circle slider & to me the ui element itself looks like a construction cone so it makes sense it’s a slider for a drill, construction & drill go together, hopefully you get it (;


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Another unique menu style.looks like mostly the weather apps are into these things ui

Tear To Share

Dribbble - Tear To Share by Mike Beecham 'Like the different kind of interaction to share :-)

amperemeter - #ui


Digital illustrations are a hard thing to master. You really have to have a good eye and pay very high attention to detail.

UI Lava Dial - Dash

UI Element Design - Lava Dial

Can't have a UI without one of these. Here is a dial - on the UI Lava set. UI Lava Icon will be next.


Dial UI 2.5

Still work in progress. The previous version was too Nest like.

More ideas