"I like to play with the irony between the glass being a solid material and how I can form such natural and organic shapes." – Artist Ben Young

Translucent Glass Ocean Sculptures by Ben Young

Sydney-based artist Ben Young – featured previously – continues to capture our imaginations with his ongoing series of glass sculptures that celebrate the ocean. Completely self-taught, Ben& incredible.

ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10 - created via http://pinthemall.net

ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

"The ARCHT ONE from ARCHT (ARK) Audio is a premium audio system that revolutionizes how sound is seen and heard. The ARCHT ONE is crafted with a futuristic design and innovative acoustics, delivering multidirectional sound that adapts to your surroundings." - aurchtaudio.com | To get more updates on Portable Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers, follow Best Buy Portable Speakers (https://www.pinterest.com/bestbuyspeakers/)

ARCHT Audio is raising funds for ARCHT One: Revolutionary wireless audio system for your home on Kickstarter! An audiophile quality, lifestyle, wireless audio system that delivers consistent multi-directional sound and adapts to its environment!

Ceramic Speaker System

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Joey Roth: for when your speakers have a lot to say. An industrial designer based in Los Angeles, Joey Roth creates beautiful and functiona

Snail Desktop Speaker - Alexander Shevchenko

Snail Desktop Speaker by Alexander Shevchenko “ Desktop speaker system Snail. The principle of this system is passive dispersal reflected sound in the sink along a parabola.

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