Start beans in pine cones for a super cool decoration. Note: site is French. Copy link and paste into Google Translate.

Expérience : les graines magiques

'Leaf-band-aid'은 시간에따라 색이 변함으로서 반창고를 언제 교체해야할지 알려주는 아이디어로서, 나뭇잎이 계절에 따라 변하는 원리를 적용시켰다

The 'Leaf-band-aid' is made of a special color-changing material indicating to the wearer that it’s time to switch out, its functionally and aesthetically superior alternative that looks and works bet

lovely teacups, made with love. More

35 Vintage Teapot and Teacup Wedding Ideas

Bridal Shower centerpiece Teacup floral arrangements - a great and simple way to dress the tables to all be unique. You can mix and match coloured tea cups & saucers and mix around the flowers. Style on a budget



안의 커피를 다 마시고 난 뒤 먹을 수 있는 쿠키 컵. 안쪽면과 겉면을 설탕으로 코팅해 열전도를 막았다

Pastry cup lets you drink your coffee then eat the cup

BIO BASED Cookie Coffee Cup that's edible wow no wasted packaging Eco-friendly & yummy

lol I guess this could be considered industrial???

Furniture: Frank Schreiner (for Stiletto Studios), ‘Consumer’s Rest’ chair, 1990

Bonsai Pine - start anew.

Pine Cone Bonsai via evergreen Absolutely adorable! I would love theses growing in the house! And then we can plant these along the fence line for the food plot! :) Grow our very own little saplings :)