Sevenhugs' Smart Remote

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Is Universally Accepted

A French startup wants to take smartphones and apps out of the smart home device controls equation, simplifying setup to point and use.

[UI/UX design] Native application design on Behance

UI/UX design // Idea: Timeline node shifts in middle, date shows at bottom with list view of events

alarm app interface - Google 검색

I hope I have enough cognitive powers when I open a shut eye and a sleepy brain to read the time. Or do I first internalize this user-interface design in my waking hours? But it looks pretty.

Alarm app Concept / ...@郝小猫要吃肉~采集到展示(49图)_花瓣UI/UX

Alarm app Concept / Nice dream : This is design concept for an alarm app. Used warm tone illustration for comfortable mood and simple and flat UI design for easy to use.

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