Cool drawings, not sure of credit b/c the site is in another language. It does say "Jodie,"

I just realized that Grandma Marilyn had her own version of a junk journal/ art journal/ smashbook, decades before they became a trend! She had little notebooks similar to this, in which she doodled and glued magazine clippings with artsy stuff.

Internet of Things - Telit #motiongraphics

Great idea for still images as well as motion graphics. Internet of Things. What is actually Internet? What could possibly happen during one minute using Internet?

thetypecollective: Hello people, the Type Collective proudly invites you on the of February to our first ever show, 01 — The Type Colle.

현대카드/현대캐피탈 금융경제인사이드 스토리

현대카드/현대캐피탈 금융경제인사이드 스토리


off-duty Santa

So the big dude has packed up his shit & gone on a well deserved vacation. Just put on some xmas music. in the background and enjoy sir Nicholas .

[인포그래픽] After CITYBREAK - 최고의 라인업, 최고의 무대, 최고의 관객, 그리고 최고의 기록들

[인포그래픽] After CITYBREAK - 최고의 라인업, 최고의 무대, 최고의 관객, 그리고 최고의 기록들

Como construir um site em 2015

Do you have plans to build a website soon? There are three major different workflow styles. How to build a website in 2015 from has shown the 3 most popular workflows so that you can pick the style that fits your skills.

animation design

7 Captivating Motion Graphics Designs

In love with this cool Hypno Burger by graphic artist Karan Singh