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DAAAAAMN!!!! D.Va is cute

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Zootopia Division

「Zootopia the division」/「Dakouye」のイラスト [pixiv]Is now my animated wallpaper thanks to the Wallpaper Engine ⬅️ (There’s animation… uh, snowflake? whatevs … falling down on the screen.

ArtStation - Ahri D.vafied, sakimi chan

Ahri in D.Va Costume by sakimichan HD Wallpaper Background Fan Art Artwork League of Legends lol

Pregunta Airalin Q38-40 por RakkuGuy en DeviantArt

Extra Info: Serene isn't really that into cosplay. She just likes doing stuff with Airalin. c: Also I am SO EXCITED for Twilight Princess HD! Ask Airalin