Bottle Design - © Torkel Dohmers. Beautiful perfume #packaging #design PD

The angles and facets in this perfume bottle make for an interesting pattern as the layer over each other from front to back, through the liquid. The sharpness of the bottle is both dangerous and sexy.

diamond water #design #packaging

Diamond - Aqua Carpatica, the purest water, chooses to undress every plethora and to dress up light. The light exaslts the preciousness of water, for this reason Diamond is the perfect bottle for the perfect water. by Cristiano Giuggioli

Imagine #humans had no idea of what a faucet or #shower was. What it did, how…

Imagine had no idea of what a faucet or was. What it did, how it evolved over the Now imagine in today’s day and age, someone designed the first faucet/showerhead. That’s what Daphne is. It’s unusually brilliant with its Dyson-esque

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If It's Hip, It's Here: A Great Bottle Design by Karim Rashid and Fabulous Brand Imagery For One Weird Vodka: AnestasiA Sensational Spirit..

Karim Rashid's packaging designs for AnestasiA Vodka from start to finish. Such an inspiring design!