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A handy guide to identifying trees from their buds

How helpful of Discover the Wild to produce a quick guide to tree buds. A perfect handy guide for Spring walks. They say this about their guide, …. here is a quick guide to some of the commo…

27 Leaves Every Camper Should Know How to Identify

Use this guide to identify different leaves you may encounter while camping or hiking. Do you know what poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac look like?

Basic Botany: Describing Leaves – Herbal Academy

A little basic botany goes a long way to help us understand our herbal allies and make positive identifications when we are working with new plants.

How Can Leaves Identify A Tree - Phenology

Garden Note #85: Acorns

(Illustrations- Dorothea and Sy Barlowe, 1952)

Healing Power of Trees

Trees carry powerful healing abilities and soul wisdom. Learn how to tap into the spiritual and healing power of trees for yourself in this new post!

Acorn Naturalists - Suppliers of high quality educational resources

Acorn Naturalists was formed over three decades ago by educators to create and distribute high-quality educational resources for both inside and outside the classroom.

Characteristics of Trees' Rings

As the tree grows it starts the appearance of rings inside the trunk. Counting the rings of a tree gives a fairly accurate measure of a tree’s age. The growth rings show how the weather has changed and affected the tree’s quality of life over the years. The wider the rings the more growth of the tree and the closer it is to ideal weather conditions. The narrow the rings will indicate less growth due to cold weather or drought conditions. The oldest layer of growth is in the center; the…

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How to Identify a Tree Using Leaf Shape, Margin, and Venation

A chart of tree leaf shape, arrangement, margin, and venation can be used to identify individual tree species.

Tree Eats

How a Tree Eats, Drinks, and Breathes internationalpaper.com © 2010 International Paper Company. All Rights Reserved.

Montessori Educational art Woodland Home Decor Digital Printable Instant Download Montessori Materials Preschool Kindergarten

Educational wall poster for kids to learn about trees. Poster contains 15 popular trees and detailed drawings around them. Some of the trees are shown half winter and half summer. Kids love it! You will receive digital file, jpg. File size is best for printing it on size 16.5 x 23.4 in *A2 paper (420 x 594 mm) with 300dpi resolution.

Different types of Trees – 2019 - Flowers Decor

Different types of Trees Here-s How to Choose Birthday Flowers According to Month Birthdays provide

How To Choose The Best Firewood For A Perfect Campfire

We've taught you how to build a campfire, but do you know which wood is best to use? This handy chart will help you pick the best firewood.

Nature Printable- Evergreen Trees

Nature Printable- Evergreen Trees-Charlotte Mason Homeschool-Instant DownloadI created this printable for my daughter who is learning about Evergreens this Winter as part of her nature study. Easily printable at home on 8.5x11 paper. 11x17 and A4 also included. Print at home or your favorite local p...

The Magic of Oak

The many species of oak (Quercus spp.) have been celebrated in many cultures throughout the centuries. Read about oak in almost any magical text and you’ll find