On the Creative Market Blog - Artist Uses Typography and Shadows to Create Stunning Sundial Mural

Alcohol Inks on Yupo


I like this for it's directness. It seems easy to navigate. there is no "noise" interrupting it. the bottom is a bit dark and seems a bit disjointed. I would like my theme to feel consistent. I like the use of photos, which accent the page but don't overw

French Playing Card redesign – BA degree

French Playing Card redesign – BA degree on Behance. - a grouped images picture

primary colors: card set:


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rio galeão por ana couto branding NS: If these waveforms are representative of some data or significance, very sophiticated execution. If not, just pleasing colour balance.

밀도 높은 아이디어와 표현력, 인쇄&옥외 광고 부문 이미지 3

Lego Vincent Van Gogh self portrait. Lego Masters in Pixel Art


XX and XY wall decals will bring delight as you watch your guests try to figure out which wall sticker is for ladies and which is for men! Stick these wall decals to your bathroom doors and let the fun commence!

Belkin - Case + Stand for Apple Pencil - Gray

Belkin - Case + Stand for Apple Pencil - Gray