Package Design

(vía Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Prescription Pilsner (Student Work)) // color blocking

Wrapped wine bottles.

Waddesdon Wine: Rothschild Collection

Vintage Map Print used in "Waddesdon Wine: Rothschild Collection" Wine Bottle Wrap Packaging I like the wrapped up look.

A promotional poster for the album "Lost and Found" by Shipwrec. The designer took inspiration from classic analog games and created a visually striking piece by distorting the "pixels" and making the viewer look twice.

Einóma Lost & Found EP—For the forth release by Shipwrec by Einóma (iceland), another day made some analog experiments with a black and white copier. Transforming, distorting different sheets with a simple pattern. the outcome was digitized and edited.

Fukuoka-based Japanese motion graphic designer and 3D illustrator MountStar has created a wonderful animated typographic series named “Hidden Typography”. These elegant, black and white animations feature digital representations of natural elements—i.e. wind, water, lightning and light—that gradually reveals hidden words as they progress. via

MountStar is a motion graphic designer and illustrator based in Fukuoka, Japan. This series is called “Hidden typography” MountStar è un motion designer e illustratore di Fukuoka, Giappone.