SWBK Water Bottle

Heart Service Welcome Package by SWBK for Coway bottle of purified water offered to clients of Coway after signing contract.

A P O P – B K I D

Colourful Material ABS wood works by object lab metal works by Hyunseung Kim A P O P – B K I D

Menu Bottle Grinder Set, Small

Ceramic Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinder Set, by Norm (DK) Love the wooden top ones but think prefer steel! Must buy!


ronan + erwan bouroullec reinterpret samsung's serif TV as a piece of furniture

OR - Meet the modern television remote, designed by the Bouiroullec brothers for their Samsung Serif TV

Pocket Wifi, Medical Design, Appliance, Knob, Product Design, Industrial Design, Motifs, Connect, Surface

michael young for EOps

michael young for EOps

the EOps noisezero i+ eco edition earphones are the first cornstarch earbuds on the market. they use eco-friendly cornstarch bio-plastics to house the earbuds and microphones.

potato like shaped remote that fits in your palm

Eva "familial" DVD remote control / Design by By Jia Ying, Wen Xin, Stephanie and Albert Lee