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ArtStation - Procedural Forest texture (PBR), Arseniy "SenChi" Smirnov

Procedural forest texture i made for DayZ: Standalone. Sticks are baked from high-poly, everything else is generated in Substance Designer.

covaci-ionut-ovidiu-case-slide.jpg (840×1080)

I have done this environment for "Iron Blade" by Gameloft, it was a challenge and a pleasure to work on it

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VRay Tutorials – Level Up! Welcome to my NEW and long awaited tutorial section. First I am going to start with some VRay Tutorials. These are absolutely free! Just like my brushes, these took…

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Amazing talk from Ben Wilson on ways to approach to material design in games with Megascans, SD, Zbrush and Max.

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Ken Jiang from Eidos Montreal (Square Enix) talked about his work with Substance Designer and the production of high quality materials.

Seamless Materials for Video Games | 80lvl

Seamless Materials for Video Games | 80lvl