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TAGI - [DMMD] 호냐라라 일러스트판 피규어 아오바 출시일 공개 & 새로운 얼굴 파츠 추가

Is dmmd a religion ? Aoba keeps showing up in a cross and is crucify like and not to mention *prays to be blessed by the gay*

- ̗̀ @CJSpaced0ut   ̖́-

((- ̗̀ ̖́-<<credit to the artist)) Hmmm, works for one of my characters. Except the hair colour, they'd need to be blond.

manga, black and white, and anime Bild

'When he woke just before eleven, it was clear he had tried to escape during his slumber—his ankles and wrists were rubbed raw, causing Finn to exclaim.' This pic - Manga/art, hands, chain.

Rotten banquet

Rotten banquet ( useful for drawing faces and different expressions )