This character has a very creepy look about him/her. I really like this look on a character because in my eyes it does truly give a character some atmosphere.

: H A R E N : 자기소개를 …@风之伊始采集到Z(750图)_花瓣游戏

I love the concept of having so many ammunition pouches that it looks like ruffles of a skirt. A kinda cool way to feminize an outfit without sexualizing it. : H A R E N : 자기소개를 …


MILKY OVERDRIVE - by jarold Sng “Milky Overdrive was a collaboration project with a few buddies of mine of us in total). The main subject was attractive women and some sort of machinery.

性感 人物 生物 三维

why even bother with armor? it just looks more painful than battling naked.