Color en pisos-muros-cielos...con hexagonos q se esfuman, mobiliario aluminio, barra y muro baÑos d duela d madera

A Four Day Long Ray Of Light By (Fos) Team (because im addicted)

wall floor feature Somos Fos - a vibrant installation designed for a vegan restaurant in Madrid. Such a fantastic idea. Painting yellow the area that looks like its the light

2009年8月 - 初田美術研究所・NEWS

If you're going to be doing any pencil drawing you're going to need a pencil.

Material Studies by Aviator33 on DeviantArt

homework for this weeks digital painting class, it was really fun actually! I'm especially happy with how the light bulb turned out. art is mine, don't be a thief. My art is NOT free use, ple.

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