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Trying to figure out how I like doing comics! I... - millionfish

Trying to figure out how I like doing comics! I feel like I get a better idea of the live area I have if I draw it traditional first… And as always, I love to color. Concept is from a boring Lupin comic I’ll never finish because I have bigger,.

✨ Haikyuu!! iPhone background. ✨

Karasuno High heads off to a training camp. During a race with Kageyama, Hinatagets lost and coincidentally discovers Kenma. He approaches the setter, trying to start a conversation, but Kenma seems more absorbed into his video game.

Nishinoya / Bokuto / Tsukishima Artist : LMN (pixiv / twitter)

“** Permission to post from their pages was granted by the artist Don’t remove credits & don’t repost/edit the art Please, rate and/or bookmark their works on Pixiv too ** ” Artist : LMN (pixiv /.