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Cute stuff from smelly hobby lobby. Boycott hobby lobby by the way they think it's ok to deny women the right to birth control. They pay like walmart does too. Pathetic and pedantic stores do not deserve women's hard earned dollars.

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Superior Pasties is a Pasty Shop located in Livonia, MI that makes fresh, handmade Pasties from scratch using all local small business ingredients from our area!

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The Beach Boys didn't invent the surf music but they sure made it famous. I think their harmony was what made them apart from other surf musicians like Jan and Dean, although Jan and Dean had their own moments.

The Beach Boys, cover of Surfer Girl, 1963.  (The Boys are wearing matching plaid Pendleton shirts.)

The Beach Boys, Surfer Girl - 1963 (Capitol), cover photograph. (The Boys are wearing matching plaid Pendleton shirts and khaki chinos)

Early 1960s photo of The Beach Boys on a 2005 “best of” compilation album by EMI, featuring “Ten Best” songs.

From Summer 1963 here's the Beach Boy tune that came out first on the LP Surfer Girl - 'In My Room.' I practiced the harmonies over and over again singing to this one. I even told my mom I wanted a bass electric guitar because of this song.