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Solar trees in Vienna, Austria

This is a great innovation -- the streets of Europe could soon be lit by "solar trees". These self-contained streetlights could save cities energy and money too. Unlike regular streetlights, they do not require costly…

Transparent Glass Kiosk by iDesign

Transparent Glass Holographic Kiosk with Capacitive Touchscreen

Acis is a single or dual screen wall mounted touchscreen kiosk

Looking for a Touchscreen survey - Yes? Check out the Touchscreen surveys. We don't just do Touchscreen surveys, we do Touchscreen surveys in the most stylish of kiosks

폭스바겐, LG 전자와 커넥티드 카 개발 협업 > Connectivity | 글로벌오토뉴스

Volkswagen revealed the study of the electric van called Volkswagen budd-e at this week’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is based on the new platform for electric cars. Budd-e also serves as a presentation of the.

Slava Saakyan / Терминал MEDIAnywhere

Slava Saakyan / Терминал MEDIAnywhere