Squirrel cage / centrifugal fan 80 mm by VanessaEzekowitz.

This is your basic centrifugal "blower" fan, using the motor from an old PC fan. The blades' center hole is in diameter, sized

Fan Blade  by nvsshankar.

Fan Blade that can be used to crank a DC motor using celing fan wind. Can be used to make generators for charging applications using the energy of cir

Fan Blade by darthdarth4.

This is the fan blade from Xena's jet engine model. I'm just uploading to see if I can edit it.

Ducted Fan by Stuey.

This is the first stage of a ducted fan engine that i will be building

Anet A6 circular fan duct by Paclanc.

Anet circular fan duct by Paclanc

Laminar Flow Fan plate by qboney.

This is a Fan control plate design for creating a more laminar/focused flow on a fans exhaust. (This isn't a fan cover :-)) The turbulence is red

Centrifugal Fan by Stephen.

This fan is just an experiment and is not intended for long term operations. It moves a decent amount of air but slightly vibrates due to improper al

bladeless fan by StefanR.

bladeless fan by StefanR.

Nozzle fan with snapfit for 50mm blower fan. by esteevens.

Nozzle fan with snapfit for blower fan.