Goeun Space by Y8N , via Behance - http://www.behance.net/gallery/Goeun-Space/12248999

In January, a scenario writer Choi Goeun who graduated from Korean famous university died due to starvation and loneliness. By this incident, an artist welfare law was enforced in Korea. Goeun Space is an alternative space supporting independent fi…

[Typo 타이포] 바보는 어리석은 행동을 반복한다 - 이다하

[Typo 타이포] 바보는 어리석은 행동을 반복한다 - 이다하

고구마광고.방부제나 첨가제를 넣지않은 순수한느낌을 강조하기위해 새하얀바탕에 검은글씨를 적용하였다.

GoolMuhGoom Sweet Potato Jelly

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