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diy miniature basket - made with ball (tennis, golf?) covered in paper napkin with twine glued around bottom. Found original post after a couple of clicks.

Creating Blackout Poetry. What a great idea for reading, writing poetry, and artistic expression.

the void is the ultimate mystic doorway. it allows you to disappear into non-existence against the backdrop of eternity.

엄청나게 많은 텍스트들을 사람의 얼굴에 맞춰 명암대로 넣은게 신기하고 멋있다.

You are not in the news, by Sergio Albiac Generative collage portrait series. Made with processing

Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover; Painting, "seeker" #art


Painting, "seeker" I love that the colors are not traditional for a person or skin. The colors bleeding down can be somber but also from just the medium that was used.

Muitas vezes não nos ligamos, mas também somos parte da natureza, do meio ambiente... Então, nos ajudarmos e preservarmos o planeta significa questão de sobrevivência. Sua pegada mais leve.


I like this illustration because off the brain and the tree.I real like the gas mask because it looks real old fashion. The background looks like wall or tea bag and card


onedropmove: 1930’s Chinese Art Deco (the poetry of material things)

art deco. {We're going to have this blown up onto paper that will fit the size of our photobooth and use it as the background!}

art deco style wallpaper, this particular wallpaper was used in the movie 'the Great Gatsby' so would tie in as a potential background theme being set in the If using wallpaper similar to this it may also qualify as intertextuality.

Elevator by Kristina Krogh | Poster from

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

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