Sweet tree trunk

An example of a low poly prop designed in z-brush. The simplicity of the model along with how detailed it can be with it's very specific style make for an item of high impact that could be used in a number of places within an environment.


LowPolygon Tree 1 by Cremuss Low polygon forest tree, ready to go in any real time application,RTS , RPG,MMORPGor anything else 842 triangles !


Buy Metal Plate Tile 01 by jronn on This texture tiles perfectly and was created from a High poly sculpt, comes with diffuse, normal, specular maps, but .

dofus_by 양갱 (rsr243)_from NAVER (http://blog.naver.com/rsr243/220308492208)_點開有貼圖

dofus_by 양갱 (rsr243)_from NAVER (http://blog.naver.com/rsr243/220308492208)_點開有貼圖

ArtStation - Hind Dropship and Scene layout, Peter Sutherland

ArtStation - Alex Beddows's submission on Beyond Human - Game Environment/Level Art