Commuters 1 by Sukanto Debnath! // it's a spring break goal to take each of these groups and write character frames for each of them. Then maybe one might turn into a good protagonist:)

village, town ,Upo Wetland ,bird, migrant ,house,chili (pepper) ,home,slope, incline hill ,green color, farming, farm work, agriculture,packaging of goods,package illuste,gochujang, red pepper paste,kochujang,hot pepper soy paste,illustrator,illustration

3000 character essay We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

In light of Matte Project’s Full Moon festival taking place this weekend at the Brooklyn Mirage, The Kite String Tangle has put together an exclusive summer playlist to get you in the mood for the weekend. Full Moon 2015 will celebrate its five-year anniversary in a brand new location: the Brooklyn Mirage. Expect a full […]

The Kite String Tangle’s Summer Playlist for

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Crowed of by Tosya I really like this simple illustration of people, I like the line weight and the direction and movement. Really illustrates people and living each day.

[BY 콜라보출판사] 장면 속으로사라지고 싶은 날《사라지고 싶은 날》 출간 이벤트콜라보가 100분께 시원~...

[BY 콜라보출판사] 장면 속으로사라지고 싶은 날《사라지고 싶은 날》 출간 이벤트콜라보가 100분께 시원~...

If The Shoe Fitz...

by jaredmuralt — Detail of my previous post. Ink drawing for the upcoming group exhibition “Lost Faces” at in Zurich.