Full, medium to high-poly female model. Big image. Some N-Gons visible. (artist: Jinho Jang)

Full, medium to high-poly female model. Some N-Gons visible.

hand_016.jpg8dca09cb-1e4d-4092-8af7-61702c89777cOriginal.jpg (530×855)

hand_016.jpg8dca09cb-1e4d-4092-8af7-61702c89777cOriginal.jpg (530×855)

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This model shows varying densities of topology, and all of them check out. Few tris, if any, and they all fit the form very well.

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Justus Lahme uploaded this image to 'Animal In Repose'. See the album on Photobucket.

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Hi, i& looking for crit, tuts and tips From Epona Schweer tutorial Richard Tilbury tutorial Slipgatecentral& ninja model study