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Kikkoman Rebranding (Student Project)

Great Kikkoman rebranding student product curated by Packaging Diva PD Popular packaging concept.

Dishes Done Right | Yanko Design

It’s not rocket science, but doing dishes right can get a bit annoying, especially when they are super greasy. I love this Folded Dish Sponge concept

Staplers: Old Favorites and Newer Approaches - Core77

tes and Newer Approaches : Organizers generally prefer staplers to paper clips for papers that need to be kept; they won't snag other papers by mistake and they won't fall off. I've seen lots of complaints about office staplers, but th

Paracord Water Jug Harness.

Paracord Water Jug Harness.

The Zephyr is a simplistic case that can be added to any inhaler to keep it upright and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

Even though I've used one, I never realized that asthma inhalers aren't designed to stand upright.

장민정 panel remake

For anyone who's ever struggled popping a soda can, the Turning Lid makes it easier than ever to get the goodies inside!

第九屆晟銘盃應用設計大賽 Uneec Applied Design Award

第九屆晟銘盃應用設計大賽 Uneec Applied Design Award

Recycled Landline Phones

Recycled Landline Phones - For those of us who still hang on to our landlines, this telephone design is a timeless and beautiful product. Named Colombo one, Colombo two, Big .

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