BTS Phone Wallpaper Jimin Busan Phone wallpaper

This Busan boy can fight me for always bias wrecking me so dang hard. It takes all my might to refuse.

Jungkook was born Busan @BTS wallpapers for iPhone

I would love to visit someday, I really love neon city aesthetic, so this place seems like a perfect travel for me, haha!


Essay about sickle cell disease Free Health essays. Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disease which arises because of defect in beta-globin gene, a protein component of hemoglobin.


The Jam at Clouds disco, 1977 - awesome design admired by Secret Art Collector - music wasn't bad either!

Sucre Paper (Suède / Sweden)

Design Inspiration // sucre-paper: The front cover of Sucre Paper was shot by Aimée Han, an amazing photographer based in New York.

Love the connection between type and hands in this collage || QUENTIN JONES » Wallpaper

Quentin Jones As a new twist to its award-winning Custom Covers project, Wallpaper* has commissioned dozens of top designers to create a series of unique covers for the August issue.

Niklaus Troxler, poster, typography

Technique: Typographic Images (Aw man, I'd forgotten about this piece; it was the inspiration for a project in one of my college design courses!

John Baldessari - Pages from John Baldessari's photo-collages for the limited edition of Tristram Shandy, published in 1988

freakyfauna: “ Pages from John Baldessari’s photo-collages for the limited edition of Tristram Shandy, published in Found here.

1day 1collage No.20110420 51days

Recently we have noticed many designers who use geometric patterns, shapes, and styles . By using these shapes, the designs become a simple but stil.