#product design #industrial design #watches - shift_hybrid2 by Menghsun Wu

Shift Hybrid Watch Concept by Menghsun Wu Yanko Design - gnar products

Tempo Libero by Nava Design

Tempo Libero Wristwatch - Watch Face Movement Like Abstract Painting


While the company has yet to make a strap big enough to fit around a person's chest, that hasn't stopped Citizen watches from being "close to the hearts of


- is a concept design of Ukrainian watch. It's common project of GM design group and ZAVODshop. The idea is inspired by theme of moto culture and Cafe Racer, their atmosphere, style and spirit. Motorcycles always been more than jus

Plusminuszero – Naoto Fukasawa | Product Design

Plusminuszero – Naoto Fukasawa, simple machined form, with simple details, and honest strap.

ZIIIRO Titan Aluminum Pocket Watch

ZIIIRO Titan Aluminum Pocket Watch - ZIIIRO Titan Aluminum Pocket Watch is reminiscent about the good old days in today’s modern world. Let’s move with time, whether you love a pocket watch or elegant pendant accessory, this gadget would suit your need.

X-43A Afterburner Watch for Air Force Pilots - The name X-43A comes after the world’s fastest jet that traveled in excess of 6,500 mph. The purpose of this watch was to resemble a machine that could handle such high velocities, the epitome of speed in the skies. This watch is for those pilots who want to take the experience of flight with them always. Designer: Jonathan Ferrer | via Tuvie

I've designed this watch for air force pilots. The large case is large for quick and clear readable time and to be worn in balance with their heavy flight suits.

World time clock barrel.

World Time Clock Barrel: This patented desk clock features the 24 cities that represent the 24 global time zones. To find the local hour in another time zone, simply roll the clock so that the city representing that time zone is on top.