Fried Egg Icon

Fried Egg Icon

Geometric Icon

Geometric Icon

Hey, Icon based on my previous geometric pattern for splash iOS splash screen.

Check out the new icon design for MojaGazetka app, featuring discount magazines…

Discount app icon

Check out the new icon design for MojaGazetka app, featuring discount magazines. Whole logo in the attachment.

Overlapping Hangouts Icon

Overlapping Hangouts Icon

We collected the most loved Material Design inspiration & resources in Huge congrats to all creatives who surpassed themselves demonstrating the beauty and power of Material Design — from UI…

Icon for Pomodoro Tracker by Alexander Zaytsev

Icon for Pomodoro Tracker

Hey, Simple icon I recently did for pomodoro tracker.

Project Icon / Alexander Zaytsev

Project Icon

This icon conveys literally nothing. No subject and nothing to focus on renders this icon ineffectual.

Dribbble - Equalizer app icon by Beline

Equalizer app icon

A very simple but clean cut design. With limited colors, this design lacks difficulty and depth. The knobs appear flat even though there is a left light source. Would like to see more elements raise from the board.

Musixmatch Icon

Musixmatch Rebrand

Love this color combo. Hi folks! In the last two months I had the amazing opportunity to design a new brand identity for Musixmatch.


Solar : Weather app for iPhone. Not only is their icon nice, but their app is one of the nicest looking weather apps available.

LINE DECO - Wallpapers & Icons app icon

Showcasing beautiful icon designs from the iOS App Store