I like the mod in the bottom right corner because it provides a cool piece of information on the product. I also really like the use of the circle and the pull of the color from the Coke.

This is Visual Journalism [133

I had so much fun designing this page over the past few months. With so many iconic images, it was difficult to narrow down the direction. Finding a local peg…

Creative 15-Minute Lamp

Creative 15 Minutes Lamp

Once you are dead asleep, there is little use of the night lamp that keeps burning uselessly. The 15 Minutes Lamp is an innovative fusion of

Power dumbbell incorporated with gyroscope and using centrifugal force to replace the conventional method of purchasing multiple array of weights to change the weight.

Banking on gyroscope and centrifugal force to add weight to its being, the Power Dumbbell is a unique option in weight training tech.


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