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Heyy guys! :))) I am grateful and overwhelmed by all of my active TEEN COLLAB members love you all you make Pinterest a better place for me! Thank you for all your pins and hope we could get closer with each other especially to the new members! Support other pinners by LIKING their pins on the board and happy pinning! -Kamille :)
Directed by: BUCK Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait Executive Producer: Anne Skopas Producer: Billy Mack Art Direction: Daniel Oeffinger Design: Daniel Oeffinger, Kyle Strope, Yker Moreno Storyboards: Daniel Oeffinger, Kyle Mowat, Eric Ko Animation Lead: Daniel Oeffinger 2D Animation: Daniel Oeffinger, Kyle Mowat, Eric Ko, Kyle Strope 3D Animation: Daniel Oeffinger, Jose Fuentes Composite: Daniel Oeffinger
Investigation Discovery by Sean McClintock. Set of ID's for the Investigation Discovery channel. Had a fun couple of weeks to come up with the concept, create the illustrations, and animate the final set of 15, 10 and 5 second spots.
Funny animation I made for a job board site  Design - Santiago Alonso ( Music & sound design - Sounded ( Animation - Fede Cook (
The brief for both Capital One 'Maps' and 'Chalkboard' was to make them simultaneously fun and informative. Capital One campaigns always have a "tongue in cheek" quality with a "see and say" voice over, and we happily obliged to keep it that way. There were a lot of icons to animate for both pieces, and the design stage was certainly intense. But after a 24-pack of Redbull and a board full of design experiments, our frames and ideas started to take shape…
CJ ONE  Lifestyle membership  ep.03  Director: FLA Producer: NANA Editor, 2d artist: Joe 3d artists: FLA, YHJ, DK Designers: FLA, BOO Music: Neons

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TEDxTaipei 2013 Flip. Six geometric icons represent the six themes - breaking through, living together, learning beyond, taking off, passing on, and carrying on - of 2013 TEDxTAIPEI. Each theme are extended from the core idea, "Flip."  Please check more info at:   Client: TEDxTaipei PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bito DIRECTOR : Keng-Ming Liu DESIGN : Susan Su ANIMATION :  Susan Su  /  Chris Lin / Aexers Lin PRODUCER: Oskar Lin MUSIC : Liya Huang SFX : David Dunlap
Les gifs animés sont revenus en force depuis quelques années, notamment grâce aux tumblr qui ont rivalisé d'inventivité et d'humour.
Skip Hursh
Hippopolis is hip. Give yourself free rein to explore!
2014 | Brooklyn, NY  CREDITS Creative & Art Director: Freddy Arenas Design & Animation: Freddy Arenas Senior Producer: Zena Barakat  Sound Design:…
An animation to accompany the New York Times' annual 'Holiday Books' supplement: The…
This is a 3D animation following the idea of my first self promotional piece. ( Limiting myself to the use of only a few plain colors I tried to create a 3D animation still giving an idea of depth. By combining graphical and organic shapes I tried to achieve a dynamic and cheerful style.  Special thanks to Echoic Audio who did an amazing job on the music and sound design!  Software: C4D, AE
Client: Prudential Agency: Droga5 Pruduction & Animation Company: Nexus Creative Director: Johnny Kelly Director: Jack Cunningham Producer: Liz Chan Music & Sound Design: Antfood
Pout Melody (Excerpt) by Lilli Carré on Vimeo.
Check out our new video for the ONG Fondazione Mediolanum  CLIENT: Fondazione Mediolanum AGENCY: Coppa+Landini DIRECTION: Ilenoliukgo DESIGN: Ilenia Notarangelo, Carla Gioia ANIMATION: Luca Gonnelli, Matteo Ruffinengo, Ilenia Notarangelo