South Korea: Hanbok ( traditional Korean dress ), accessories, and etc.

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Diagonal Tower - Seoul, South Korea

Gallery of Diagonal Tower / SOM - 4

ღღ Diagonal Tower, Yongsan International Business District in the heart of Seoul, South Korea

Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge - South Korea

PHOTOS: 10 Truly Terrifying Bridges

south korean flag | Tumblr. Note what's missing East=Father, North=Son, South=Mother, West=Daughter this represents a.. Family. The physical and the spiritual. Blows my mind! Amazing how Mother happens to also be " earth" the dirt that created Adam. very revealing, and oh so very subtle. <3 The white background represents the Nation but also "purity", Circle = world, living things good/blue and bad/red. 4trigrams = gov., family, direction, season so very spiritual. amazing!!!

Samsung is a South Korean company, so it feels only natural to at least throw a link in there somewhere. They're, like, 20 years in the future afterall!

Hot Springs in South Korea

Words by Matthew C. Crawford Watch out: reading this article could land you in some hot water. You reach the spa. The first step is to pay at the counter, where you’ll receive a paper receipt.

Choson Dynasty (Joseon) - General Yi Seongye was sent by the Koryo Kingdom (Goryeo) to fight the Ming Dynasty in China, but instead he overthrew the Koryo King and set up a new dynasty.

state founded by Yi Songgye; -It is the last Korea dynasty,consolidated its effective rule over the territory of current.

성덕대왕신종(에밀레 종) 이전 - 1915년 봉황대 옆 종루에서 구 경주박물관으로 이동하는 모습

성덕대왕신종(에밀레 종) 이전 - 1915년 봉황대 옆 종루에서 구 경주박물관으로 이동하는 모습

Korean mother and daughter 1920-30

Korea in the Imperial Era and Japanese Occupation

Picture of Korean mother and her daughter, c. Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection, Library of Congress

Busan: Public Market (국제시장), 1960's

Busan: Public Market (국제시장), 1960's