Brochure / sleeve, I like this idea of a vinyl cover because it is a different way of presenting work.

"Brochure Design" this could be perfect for my box set/book design for my first 3 albums.

THE WASHED - It is a package series of washed rice and vegetbles that single person can eat ready-to-eat. Designed by Franky


Minimalist approach: white base with the important information accentuated by The Temple's green

투명하게 뚫린 부분으로 안의 제품이 드러남 제품의 속성대로 뚫린 모양으로 나와있어 진짜 제품의 느낌으로 겉모양을 살리ㅁ

Looking for labeling ideas. Transparent Labels on Behance. packaging labels by Mihaly Molnar Megyeri New York NY.

Affinity Ultima Bon Appetite pet food packaging designed by Marcal Prats -

Affinity Ultima Bon Appetite (Concept)

Flora IPA Series Designed by Nicholas Blazey

Flora IPA Series

Flora IPA Series Designed by Nicholas Blazey Use of colour & shape creates an aesthetic, nature inspired look.

circular port peekaboo....Emotion Book

each compartment for each user from our group, too also hold blank pages for survey drawings