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Plastic surgery Sydney and anti-ageing advice. of all plastic surgery patients say they wished they’d done more research first.

Some very interesting facts on this infographic! SkyMedicus can help you find the best places to visit for your procedure!

Traveling outside your home country for a medical procedure–called medical tourism –is an increasingly popular reason to travel.

Medical tourism is taking patients from one corner of the world to the other. As a result, a number of countries have started specializing in providing world-class treatment at affordable costs. Go on the link below to learn about famous medical tourism cities:

Top 8 Medical Tourism Cities in the World – The number of medical tourists crossing international borders, to avail cost effective quality treatment, is…

9 week old golden retriever young puppy is so adorable, and we are doing clicker training. Golden retriever puppy is doing clicker training! 9 week old golden retriever puppy is so cute, and we are doing clicker training.