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Galería de Segundo Lugar en concurso de habilitación y construcción Archivo y Biblioteca Regional de Punta Arenas / Chile - 5

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나중에 우리 동선 보여줄때 이렇게 분리해서 보여줘도 이쁘겠다

Competition - Centro Neanderthal / Piloña, Spain This diagram shows circulation through an exploded axon. It is successful because it breaks the building by floor allowing a visualization of both horizontal and vertical circulation.

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Development Diagrams

Basic diagrams displaying formal and circulation interactions on the site, simple programmatic layout of communal spaces and classrooms/labs, section cuts along both axes showing the multi-height spaces as well as the cantilevered classrooms.

ENTOURAGE SETS - The significance of people in architectural rendering is nothing new – the added realism, and addition of narrative elements can make or break...

5 Places to Download Free, Ethnically Diverse Render People