adobe illustrator keyboard shortcuts - how I had longed for something like this…

A cool little graphic detailing the keyboard shortcuts for some of the Adobe Creative Suite programs. Somehow helpful for a future graphic designer ( ̄▽ ̄) like me.

모리 morry on

모리 morry on

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Void; The Spaces Between (Map of Potong Pasir) Infographic

The Spaces Between was a final year project based on the use of urban spaces. Urban spaces are used on daily basis but often neglected and forgotten i

by Simon Butterworth / Blue Fields Aerial (Useless Loop, côte Ouest de l’Australie)

Beautiful Aerial Photos Of The Blue Salt Fields, Shark Bay, Australia

Blue Fields Aerial Photography, Behind this breathtaking series is the photographer Simon Butterworth, who captured those images from a light aircraft flying over Useless Loop, located in the southern region of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

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