Olive oil packaging.


Aceto balsamico packaging: PRIMVS FOOD brand aims to attract those who appreciate premium quality food and design

Samuel Wilkinson Babylon faceted stationery

Samuel Wilkinson designs faceted stationery for Lexon

Accesorios CITY de Lavernia y Cienfuegos para SANICO. Premio DELTA DE PLATA. #accesorios de baño #bathroom accessories www.sanico.es

Given that the aim was to achieve a range of bathroom accessories appropriate for heavy use in large scale organizations, such as hotels, offices, and public spaces, we approached the project with a design focus on resistance … The units had to … Read


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Powerbanks Archives - Just Pay Shipping On These Unbeatable Products

Tomas Alonso trays for Praxis

At this annual fall event, design takes over Tokyo (even more than usual) in shops, showrooms, and special exhibitions across the city.

송봉규 / 타이포잔치 2015 — Typojanchi 2015

송봉규 / 타이포잔치 2015 — Typojanchi 2015

Shop Fitbit Flyer, wireless fitness headphones, from the official Fitbit Store. Get premium sound in a comfortable, sweatproof & secure design.

Arthur Kenzo is a French industrial designer who worked in the studios of Fuseproject in San Francisco. In his project “Sound Sculpture”, the designer experimented on how music can be physically captured. www.fubiz.net/en/2014/11/14/sound-sculptures/

Sound Sculptures

BLACKTHINGS — twelvemonthly

twelvemonthly is a ‘monthly life design magazine’. We seek for question marks /?/ in everyday life and interpret them in our own perspectives to come up with ideas with exclamation marks /!

Ouya gaming console cost less than a Benjamin and all games are free to play. Follow link for preorder info.

Ouya Console CEO Julie Uhrman explains what you can expect from Ouya. Ouya console will be officially unveiled on March

Whole World Water glass bottle and identity by Yves Behar/Fuseproject

Whole World Water glass bottle and identity by Yves Behar/Fuseproject

Whole World Water glass bottle and identity by Yves Behar/Fuseproject encourages hotels to filter tap water on site with no plastic bottles.